The Meridian Codes

The Meridian Codes has its origins in the work of Dr. Mikio Sankey PhD, LAc., the founder of Esoteric Acupuncture.  The Patterns that are taught and learned in this course are the New Encoding Patterns that Dr. Sankey brought out of deep meditation and were taught in his workshops for over 2 decades and wrote about in his 7 books.  These patterns combine Sacred Geometry, Numerology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life and most of the points that are used are the spiritual ones with Heart, Spirit, Celestial or Heavenly in their names.  The points within the Patterns of the Meridian Codes are activated in a precise order, creating spin points and multi-dimensional spin fields, unlocking gateways to expanded consciousness.   When aligned and connected with our higher Self and beyond, we start to remember fully who we are and why we are here, as information and inspiration comes in leading us along our Path and Purpose.   We discover our unique Puzzle Piece in life.   

As Dr. Sankey writes, about this work, “One of the main purposes is to help the practitioner discover his or her puzzle piece in life. Why are you here in this particular incarnation?”

The true power of the Meridian Codes comes when the healing practitioner uses these patterns with positive Intention. We have chosen to names this class ‘The Meridian Codes’ in order to call in a wide range of holistic practitioners.  According to Dr. Sankey, any energized tool serves as an antenna to open up the gateways in the field around the body.  One of the most powerful tools offered as an alternative to acupuncture needles are the Selenite Swords of Light.  

Alchemy of the selenite swords of light

For many years, Tom Ledder, the maker of the Selenite Swords of Light, would offer his energized tools for sale at Dr. Sankey’s workshops.  The use of Selenite Swords of Light with The Meridian Codes are especially powerful as we have now amplified the esoteric patterns with our ability to take thought and intentions into the application of its use. They are an intention & thought-activated Sacred cosmic computer providing access to multidimensional realms and Beings of Light.

Inherent Properties of Selenite  

Just on its own, Selenite enhances our consciousness and acts just like “liquid light” from the angelic realm and universe. It vibrates more on the spiritual level than on the physical, and resides on the threshold between pure white light and physical matter and acts as the bridge to merge the highest frequencies of light with the most subtle levels of form. Selenite as a crystal is divinely intelligent and it magnifies many-fold what is placed on it.

Enhancements that Produce the Selenite Swords of Light 

These swords of Light are living beings that have been enhanced with the following proprietary formula inside the handle to make these one of the most powerful tools on the planet today for healing on any level.

In the handle, each one has a blend of over 425 crushed power crystals, sacred waters from 92 locations, over 500 pictures of Ascended Masters, Archangels, angelic beings, sacred geometry forms, DNA activations and specialized symbols, Lemurian Tones, Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, Crop Circles, Keys of Enoch.  These are all amplified by selenite producing a powerful high frequency energy of 5th dimensional light to the physicality.   Tom Ledder explains about the Swords and their connection with Esoteric Acupuncture here.

Selenite Swords of Light Photo by Maryke Del Castillo

How is this accomplished?

Our hands (Lao Gong chakra) interact with the handle of the Sword of Light made of Copper (a powerful spiritual conductor). The hands, as we know, give off Light, energy, sound and a magnetic field. These energies interact with all the crystals and Sacred Waters and the energy from the pictures to create this powerful, potent and tangible light frequency. The swords are multidimensional non-linear tools which mean that the healing energy can be experienced at distance, in any place on the planet.


Gail has commissioned a special sword size/style/price from Tom Ledder which is the most conducive to this specialized healing work and will be made available at the workshop.  You may contact Gail  if you have questions about the swords.  



The Meridian Codes Foundations Class draws on the books and teachings of Dr. Mikio Sankey.

Asha & Dr. Sankey 2018

To learn more about Dr. Sankey and his work, please visit his website.

A balanced and harmonized Heart System provides harmony, peace, calmness and restfulness, giving us the ability to enjoy life. Above all, this state of consciousness allows one the opportunity to develop and access the Inner Spiritual Higher Heart. This process requires Stillness. Stillness is in the domain of the Inner Spiritual Higher Heart Field. The only thing above Stillness is the Truth.
Mikio Sankey, PhD, LAc
Esoteric Meaning of Key Numbers