The Meridian codes:
Foundations Training
The Meridian Codes II


The Clarion Call

to all holistic practitioners, bodyworkers, energy & Crystal healers

You have been preparing your whole life to be at this level of consciousness at this precise time.  As you immerse yourself in The Meridian Codes you are keeping the commitment you made before you incarnated to hold and strengthen the grids for Humanity and Earth during this very important time.  Together we will collectively and exponentially strengthen the light grids around the Earth.

The Time is Now.

Your clients are ready and waiting.


the promise


The language of your heart will expand each time you work with these Meridian Codes, either in meditation or with your clients.


You will grow in trust of your Inner Knowing, increasing your intuition (one or all of the Clair Senses).


Passion will return to your work.


The field of your Heart will expand allowing joy, love, certainty, healing, forgiveness, presence, grace and clarity of one’s Life Path.


Your life and Qi will expand.


You will reinforce your own internal light and the Light of your clients, families and loved ones.

The Meridian Codes

Works on All Body Systems:

Physical/Etheric Body

Astral/Emotional Body

Mental & Spiritual Bodies

Uses activated Patterns for Awakening and Alignment that includes:

Sacred Geometry,
Spin Points & Spin Fields

Kabbalah Tree of Life

Spiritual Acupuncture Points, Hind Chakras & Nadis

Has the Potential to help you Connect with:

Your Purpose & individual "Puzzle Piece" in Life

Your Higher Self & Wisdom

Akashic Records & Higher Realms

Meet Asha,
main instructor

Since childhood I have been drawn to the spiritual and interested in that which cannot be seen, felt or heard with our normal senses.   I am grateful for the subtle awareness and sensitivities that I have cultivated throughout the past 16 years as an acupuncturist.  Since studying Esoteric Acupuncture 5 years ago, the basis of the Meridian Codes,  my life has transformed in such a beautiful way.  Even though these times are already supportive for inner growth, and in fact are pushing us to accelerate the evolution of our consciousness, I feel that by living and breathing the New Encoding Patterns of the Meridian Codes, the structure of my life has crystallized around me and I have awakened within it.  There is power in using these patterns every day on my clients.

I am teaching The Meridian Codes because of how important this work is, and how vital it is that more practitioners have access to it, especially now.  Dr. Mikio Sankey, the founder of this work, retired from teaching in 2019, and has given me his blessing to teach his work.  I am choosing to do it in the form of a holistic retreat because there is an after-glow that is created after spending the day together and it only makes sense to be able to relax, share nourishing food together and connect more deeply with the ease of all of us being together in one place. These immersive long weekends together nourish us as practitioners, and re-inspire, re-awaken and rejuvenate us.  I organize these retreats with great care, humility and a lot of heart, and look forward to welcoming new people into this work.

Meet Gail,

I have devoted my life to expanding consciousness & transformation of myself and others through very deep and personal experiences with Ascended Masters in and out of form (3D matter).  I experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 2011 that ignited the calling to my purpose.  I know I am here to experience and master my multidimensional self and elevate my vibration for assisting in this SHIFT we are going through now. 

I have been a student/practitioner of advanced energy healing methods with higher frequencies for over 25 years.  I utilize energy & crystal healing techniques, the seven sacred ascension rays, light & sound, Clair-abilities and sacred oils in my practice and daily life to shift the subtle/light bodies.  I have been working with and teaching about the Selenite Swords of Light as one of the most powerful tools on the planet since 2017.  The Selenite Swords are a cosmic gift from the time of Lemuria/Atlantis. 

I can personally attest to how using the Selenite Swords with The Meridian Codes has upleveled my life and healing practice, as the introduction of this work turned out to be MY Clarion call.  I didn’t even consider taking this course for 3 years when it was labeled “Esoteric Acupuncture” and now I am passionate about reaching alternative holistic practitioners everywhere so that all who are called to help humanity ‘s expanding consciousness can feel the power The Meridian Codes offer to themselves, their families, clients and the World.  This truly is a special gift Dr. Mikio Sankey has given us!

I hold a B.S. in Health Sciences and as a life-long learner have experience, certifications & initiations in Crystal Healing, Selenite Swords of Light, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Life Coach, Living Foods, Oneness Trainer, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Sacred essential oils, and Esoteric Acupuncture.

My current practice is a result of my deep understanding and experience of the connection of mind, body & spirit as it pertains to transformational consciousness.  I have both in-person and international clientele within my healing practice.  I am honored and extremely grateful to be offering my expertise to The Meridian Codes Training Retreats. 

What past attendees have said

"It was a wonderful weekend!!! Thank you for all the work you put into everything. The things we don’t see you doing behind the scene are the things that made it so special!!! It was very special!!!"

"I just want to say how powerful that training was and I don’t even think a simple “thank you” is enough. So I’m sending you all the good energy as I can to you 😊 I really enjoyed it and I feel like it was a great building block to my spiritual journey I am currently on. "
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA

"Wow....what an amazing weekend we had, I am still marveling at the energetic field that we all got to create around us and cocoon in all weekend....truly magical! 


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything you did to make all of that happen! You bringing us together....your impeccable presentation of the material.....your beautiful open heart.....all so very lovely & perfect, sweet Asha.  I feel so appreciative and honored to be part of this group - what a force field of love and healing we created!  And such a pleasure to meet Gail and to have her super-duper healing energy & selenite sword power there. The processing and integrating that I'm still experiencing from our gathering is just as profound and powerful as any plant medicine weekend I've ever participated in, if not more."

November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Thank you for so many things. For being so gracious and clear in your teaching and imparting the wisdom of Mikio and the others you've studied with. I wanted to let you know that I did three treatments yesterday, using the integrative 4 point sequence. Each of my clients received it differently as you'd expect and all were a "wow" in different ways. I am so grateful to have received the gift of your teaching and look forward to continuing to share EA with my clients."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Thank you from my heart's bottom for putting together such a marvelous retreat. It was a life-changing event!'"

"Such a lovely experience!  I am already attempting patterns with a few patients....  Forever grateful!"


"I really enjoy your teaching and have nothing but wonderful things to say about this retreat."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"I appreciate the beautiful space you held for us at Joshua Tree and have to say this was the best experience with a class I have ever had."

"This course was awesome. Definitely one of my faves."

"This course was literally an answer to my prayers! Thank you Asha!"

"Thank you again and Gail for holding the amazing retreat. Feeling incredibly blessed and centered." 

November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA

"Thank you again for an incredible time."


"Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for putting such an amazing experience together for us.  I look forward to keeping in touch and participating in future events."

"Thank you soooo much for all you did and the space you created for such openness and love! I’m missing everyone already!"

November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Asha emanated the essence of these teachings modeling the 'Way of Life' that Mikio recommends. She was a knowledgeable teacher with excellent handouts and wonderful approach to the layout of the class flow. I would definitely recommend."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Asha was an excellent instructor and facilitator of this material. Asha came to facilitate this program from a place of centeredness that allowed for clear understanding of a subject at times can be quite complex."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Really loved all the great information and how much detailed handouts you gave us. I really appreciate you and your hard work."

"Exceeded my Expectations - Fabulous Presenter - Incredible Information - So excited to be learning this and practicing this for Humanity."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"I loved this course and feel renewed excitement and passion for acupuncture after being introduced to Esoteric Acupuncture. I loved the experiential nature of this course."

"LOVED the meditations. I truly have deepened my connection to Source, my mission and my medicine. Thank you Asha & Gail for providing the space! "
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Asha knows how to create a sacred container of the acupuncture classroom, where efficiency, clarity and compassion are the order of the day. I could not have selected a better teacher. Asha is clearly in her dharma and passion to be a teacher ushering forth future light works in this Golden Age."

"This course was a gift. I hope to be part of future workshops and this lovely EA community."
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Everything was so organized & beautifully planned with love & intention. The content of the course was absolutely fascinating. The space was held so powerfully to support the highest for everyone in the group. The practice of demo-ing and applying the patterns was so supportive and I am so grateful for the sharing of all of this incredible ancient Wisdom. Asha was so knowledgeable and such a tremendous guide, so king, and I so highly recommend this course and I will absolutely be back to future courses to continue learning. Thank you!"
November 2023
Joshua Tree, CA
"Wonderful training - really enjoyed the retreat style."
April 2023
Floyd, VA
"Asha was able to make a complex material very easy to understand. Her experience came through so much in her teaching. I enjoyed receiving and giving treatments and the retreat was perfect for integrating it all! You can tell a lot of thought and intention was put into it!"
April 2023
Floyd, VA

"Enlightening class."
April 2023
Floyd, VA
Afterglow @ Joshua Tree, November 2023